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OtterBox.co.uk accepts VISA, Mastercard, Laser, American Express and PayPal. Please see our Terms of Use for more information about our online ordering system.


Once an order has been successfully submitted, your credit card will be charged for the product total plus shipping costs. Otter Products, LLC software system will run various authorization checks. If for any reason an order is not authorized by Otter Products, LLC software system, the order will not be processed, nor will an order confirmation be issued. Under these circumstances, the customer WILL NOT be charged. However, the amount may still appear as a pre-authorization for approximately 2-3 business days.

Order Not Processing

Possible reasons that an order would not process:

If your order did not process and you still see authorizations on your credit or debit card, please don't fret. These are not charges, and no money has been taken from your account. They are merely pending authorizations and will drop off your account in 2-3 business days. If you continue to have problems with your credit card on our site, please contact our Customer Service team.

OtterBox reserves the right to correct price errors before fulfilling any orders.


When will it ship? Once an order has been submitted it is generally dispatched within 24 - 48 hours from our distribution centre in Belgium. Delivery takes approx. 5-7 working days.


We will accept returns within 14 days of the original purchase if the product was purchased directly from Otter Products on this website www.otterbox.ie.

To process a return for a product purchased on this site please go to www.returnyourparcel.eu
Please note the below prior to processing you return: