25 years of Protection 

OtterBox is more than a brand — it’s a promise. We made this promise of protection to our customers 25 years ago and, as we look to the future, it remains the cornerstone of who we are. Every time you use one of our products, you know you can rely on it to protect the things that make life, work and play possible.

Thank you for trusting OtterBox to be by your side for every adventure. From climbing mountains to climbing the corporate ladder. From capturing moments to safeguarding memories — we look forward to keeping you powered up and protected for the next 25 years.

Where we’re coming from

It wasn’t always easy. OtterBox began in a garage in Colorado — one man with a vision and the passion to persevere through years of challenges. Curt Richardson was driven to build something better, and what he created has become synonymous with quality and protection. 

Through tough times and big breaks, from old designs to new tech, we’ve grown out of that garage into a global organisation, united behind a deeper mission of giving back.

Because OtterBox knows what’s truly important. 

Many people, one purpose 

What does it mean to be an Otter? It’s more than punching a clock. It’s a commitment to our community — the people we work with and the customers we work for.  

Otters are united by a shared mission to give back. Since 2011, Otters have volunteered almost 134,000 hours in local schools and nonprofits. These volunteer hours have provided over $3.8 million dollars of value to our communities. Otters know we’re stronger together, and when we combine our unique talents, we can change the world.  

Let’s get to know some of the faces behind the cases.  

Amanda's Story

Janine's Story

Lewis's Story

Josh's Story

A legacy of innovation 

Did you know the first OtterBox wasn’t a phone case? It was actually a drybox. While our product range continues to evolve, our top priority remains the same — providing superior protection to support you in all you do, from home to work to play.  

Anticipating your needs is what keeps our designers sketching, our engineers testing and our whole company asking, “what’s next?” Because 25 years of forward momentum has propelled us to be the most trusted name in protection, and we’re not stopping any time soon. 

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