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Core Series Sustainability Core Series Sustainability Core Series Sustainability

Another step on our journey towards a greener future

Discover what makes an OtterBox case stand out from our competitors. 

OtterBox is more than a brand — it’s a promise. We made this promise of protection to our customers 25 years ago and, as we look to the future, it remains the cornerstone of who we are. 

This Apple ingenuity is all about giving you options and making your day effortless.

The original, Frē Series waterproof phone case with a tough, sleek design, has been saving people from soaked circuits since iPhone 4.

Fast paced lifestyle? Fast charge power accessories.

OtterBox believes in expression, and we make it simple to sing your personal style with cases that are bold, revealing, singular and striking.

The proper pairing of cases, screens and power is essential for covering your device against any eventuality.

Sleek new iPhone case with a built-in fingergrip that makes snapping selfies, scrolling feeds, charging wirelessly and accessorising magnetically a breeze. 

As phones have evolved, we've advanced our tech way beyond those simple beginnings to develop a superior glass screen protector.

OtterBox makes dependable products you can trust to keep you connected to the people, places and moments that matter most.