iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protector Amplify Glass Glare Guard

Product Details

Amplify Glass Glare Guard anti-glare screen protector defends screens against drops, scratches and scrapes, while delivering improved clarity and superior display readability across low-to-extreme lighting. Amplify Glass Glare Guard also enables extended daily battery life by boosting lowered screen-brightness settings.*

Compatible With:

  • iPhone 11 Pro


  • 6.14 in x 3.02 in x 0.31 in / 155.96 mm x 76.71 mm x 7.87 mm


  • 0.05 lbs | 22.68 g


  • Aluminosilicate

  • Ultra-strong, long-lasting anti-glare screen protector with up to 5x greater scratch resistance than the leading glass alternative**
  • Quick, easy, hassle-free installation
  • Enjoy extended battery life by turning down your screen's brightness while still achieving desired visual clarity*
  • Limited lifetime warranty – no receipt, no registration, no need to return for a replacement
    * Can maintain same image quality at lower brightness setting.
    ** Versus soda lime glass. Based on Corning tests. Actual results may vary.