Perfecting Screen Protection

While we made our name in the phone case game, we’re no one-trick Otters. Along with developing dependable phone cases, we’ve been diving deep into display defence technology with an advanced suite of screen protectors, each with its own strengths and specialties. These full-coverage screen protectors act like a force field over your phone’s display all without interfering with your touchscreen’s functionality. Plus, the included award-winning installation tool makes installing your new screen protector to your phone a walk in the park.

Get to know the OtterBox Glass portfolio

OtterBox has introduced a new range of screen protection for iPhone 15 and beyond – meet OtterBox Glass, OtterBox Premium Glass and OtterBox Premium Pro Glass. While our Trusted Glass, Alpha Glass and Amplify Glass range are still available for older devices.

OtterBox Glass & Trusted Glass

High-quality, low-fuss protection

The affordable screen protection you’ve been looking for. Rigorously tested to endure, OtterBox Glass and Trusted Glass offer frontline defence for your display, all while maintaining vivid screen clarity. Easy to install and fortified with scratch protection, this no-frills screen protector fends off fingerprints, scratches and scuffs.

OtterBox Premium Glass & Alpha Glass

Flawless and fortified 

Never let a cracked screen cramp your style again with tough-as-nails, crystal-clear Premium Glass. The uber-slim screen protector is rated 9H surface hardness for 3-foot drop, scratch and impact protection in a melt-to-your-screen aesthetic. Engineered to resist shatters and splintering, durable Premium Glass works double-time delivering advanced protection and preserving the vibrancy of your display. 

OtterBox Premium Pro Glass & Amplify Glass

Our ultimate protector with blue light + privacy options

The ultimate in screen protection, ultra-durable Premium Pro Glass goes above and beyond to keep your display vivid, clear and in one piece. Engineered tough enough to survive drops up to 6 feet and fortified with superior scratch protection, this display defender graduated with honours from the school of hard knocks.

Plus, for your viewing pleasure, we evolved Premium Pro Glass to protect from more than just impact. Premium Pro Glass Blue Light Guard screens out harmful blue light waves from frying your eyes. Not to be outdone, Premium Pro Glass Privacy Guard features two-way screen technology that protects your screen from prying eyes. 

Alpha Flex 

The greater-than-glass screen protector

In the pursuit of preserving the natural vibrancy of your display, we created a scratch-resistant screen protector that bends the rules of what a screen protector can do. Resilient and flexible, Alpha Flex provides full coverage defence for your phone’s display. Reinforced with an advanced, shatter-proof hard coating, Alpha Flex absorbs shock like a champ so you can stay scrolling.

We've made the install easy. Check out the video below.

We got your back. And your front.

We’ve done all the hard thinking and in-depth research into screen protection technology so you can trust what you buy and get the performance you expect for the price you pay. OtterBox cases and screen protectors pair up perfectly to deliver total device protection.